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Determine the type of hearing – Informal hearings can’t be appealed, but appraisal review board (ARB) hearings can be appealed.

Next – review the evidence and data in 3 areas:

  • Actual property condition regarding CAD records;
  • Comparable sales versus your market value per appraisal district;
  • Unequal appraisal

Property condition – If the appraisal district has overstated the quality of size of your home, it is worth addressing this.  Call us to discuss.

Comparable sales – If most of the sales support a lower market value, further appeal is worth considering.  However, if the sales are mixed with half lower and half higher, further action is difficult.

Unequal appraisal – Regrettably, most appraisal districts and appraisal review boards do not seriously consider appeals on unequal appraisal at the informal or appraisal review board hearing.  If there is a strong case, we can review it together.

Curiously, appraisal districts that do not consider unequal appraisal evidence at the informal/ARB are accommodating when considering unequal appraisal during a judicial appeal.

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