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Why Appraisal Districts Keep Raising Your Property Taxes

Property tax has been around ever since states were made and has become a source of revenue for most states in the United States. Schools, local governments, and other parts of the…

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Should tax assessors be required to at least drive-by houses before they increase value 20% or more?

Imagine getting an appraisal notice for the year 2019 and seeing your home has increased 20% or more in value. It’s a shock, especially when you have barely touched your property. It’s…

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How can a tax assessor increase a home value 50%+ without seeing the home?

In most states of the United States, house owners receive an appraisal notice from tax assessors and appraisal districts. This notice includes the new value of their home based on the calculations…

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Did HCAD jack up 22% of houses by 20% or more in 2019?

The Harris County Appraisal District is the biggest in the state of Texas. That’s why many property owners trust them in making property appraisals for them. But recently, HCAD has increased the…

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Are chief appraisers competing to see who can get the largest increases in 2019?

Appraisal value

Yearly properly appraisals are mandatory for different states in the United States. However, some do it every two years or so. Normally, appraisal notices are sent out to every owner of taxable…

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County Appraisal Districts Are Ignoring The Law in Valuing Flooded Properties

tax law

Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) is over-taxing flooded property owners by 50 to 100%. HCAD is NOT valuing these flooded properties accurately. They are not following mandatory requirements of the Tax Code…

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Property Tax Appraisal Basics

It’s important to have a foundation of the property tax basics before you file a property tax appeal. Property taxes are local taxes. Your local officials value your property, set your tax…

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Property Owners To Receive Requests To Reapply For 1-D-1 (Open Space) Agricultural Use Appraisal

The Chief Appraiser of the Atascosa Central Appraisal District in Texas has announced that some property owners should expect to receive a letter requesting an update on information for their 1-D-1 (Open…

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Hearing Series: How HCAD Really Treats Flooded Homeowners

Hearing Series 1

Have you ever wondered what happens AFTER you’ve filed your property tax appeal? How exactly does the hearing process work, and who makes the ultimate decision on value? Here is a detailed…

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Is The Appraisal District Treating Flooded Property Owners Maliciously?

We pose this question to our esteemed readers: Has the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) in Harris County lost its mind? There have been concerns for 25 years surrounding bias at the Appraisal…

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Property Tax Basics

Property taxes are local taxes. Your local officials value your property, set your tax rates and collect your taxes. However, state law governs how the process works. You can play an effective…

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Tips on the Appraisal Review Board Hearing

Even though most property tax appeals are resolved at the informal hearing, in some cases the homeowner will need to pursue the next step by appealing at the Appraisal Review Board (ARB)…

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