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The Comptroller’s Duty in the Determination of School District Property Values

When you pay your property taxes, it’s important to be aware of who works behind the scenes. You might have heard about the comptroller but never knew what their exact line of…

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Business Personal Property: What is Taxed?

Business tax

For those who may be unsure of what can be claimed as business personal property in terms of Property Taxes in Harris County, it is any tangible personal property that is used…

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What to do if Your BPP Value is Grossly Under-Assessed?

BPP Value

In most cases involving Texas property tax, an under-assessment is a great thing. With business personal property (BPP), however, there are a lot of issues that you have to take into account….

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5 Differences Between Real Property and Business Personal Property

Business Property taxes

Personal property can be defined as property that is tangible but is not true property. In the state of Texas, the general basis for differentiating between personal property and true property is…

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Texas Business Personal Property Rendition and Taxation

The Texas Property Tax Code for many years had required owners of business personal property (BPP) to annually render those assets used in a business. Rendering is summarizing to the central appraisal…

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Texas Property Taxes — Rendering Business Personal Property (BPP)

Appraisal value

Business owners in Texas must render business personal property (BPP). There are business owners that do not render business personal property in Texas. Since 1981, the Texas Property Tax Code has required owners…

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Texas Assessments Might Be Low, but the Margin Tax Still Dominates

According to many economists, how a government imposes taxes is just as important as how much it collects.  This is true with the Margin Tax in place. Where Does Texas Rank? The…

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Appealing Business Personal Property Tax Assessments in Texas

“Collecting more taxes than is necessary is legalized robbery.” These words of wisdom, spoken by the 13th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, still rings true in today’s society for homeowners…

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4 Steps You Should Take If There Is A Gross Over-Assessment Of Your BPP

Gross Taxes

Over-assessment of your business personal property taxes can sometimes be a complicated mess. There are four steps you should take if you believe your business personal property taxes are over-assessed. When it…

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Updated Property Tax Information for Texas Taxpayers

Whether a homeowner, business owner, disabled veteran or taxpayer, it’s important to know your Property Taxes rights and exemption for tax relief information concerning the Texas tax laws: Exemptions for disabled veterans…

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Top 3 Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes

From week to week, I struggle with what to blog about. I was talking with a friend and he told me, “Stop trying to write a text book and write what you…

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How is Your Business Personal Property Valued?

One of the most frequent Houston property tax questions is, “How is my personal business property valued?” Property tax in Houston share the same regulations as most of the other cities and…

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