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How these two policies contributed to the present property tax crisis in Texas

Mike Collier – democratic candidate for lieutenant governor opens up about the two policies that made the property taxes in Texas to fall into crisis. Texas is a wealthy state, and the government is not wasting any money, but still property taxes are so high. Mike Collier explains why, 1.Equal and Uniform law Legislature of…

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Real Estate Market of Houston Sets a Record Year in Home Sales

The real estate market of Houston has beaten the existing sales record, even after the devastating effects of Harvey. Damage caused by Harvey is substantially high, but the Houston housing market did not lose its steam. The housing market has recorded a significant increase of 3.5 percent compared to last year’s sales record. This is totally…

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Tax Overhaul Could Result in Unhappy Homeowners and May Build Credit Risk in High Tax Zones

Congressional tax overhaul could considerably reduce the home values in high tax states and create credit risks for local governments. According to S&P Global ratings, proposals to wipe out state and local tax deduction could directly affect the property tax payers of high tax states, as it directly disturbs the property values. Also, a credit…

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The Psychology of Real Estate: Using Psychographic Data to Find a Great Self-Storage Location

One day, while discussing the self-storage facilities they co-own, Bill and Joe wound up debating why some assets outperform others. They’re interested in developing more properties, but they begin to realize that traditional metrics don’t seem to explain what causes extraordinary performance in some properties over others. Figuring out if a plot of land will…

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Texas Assessments Might Be Low, However, They’re Inadequately Forced

According to most economists, it is necessary that how a government imposes taxes is just as necessary as how much it collects. Tax foundation tries to seek more attention to the above principle by publishing State Business Tax Climate Index, to compare the usefulness of tax policies between the states, in order to promote growth…

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