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Annual Property Tax Levy per Capital for Cities of Similar Size

The 2021 per capita tax rate of $ 637.36 for “Houston us below the median.

Property Tax Rate Comparizon for Cities of Similar Size

The City of San Antonia had the lowest per capita tazes in 2021. The Houston Property tax rate has risen during the last 5years.

“Houston” Property Tax Levy by Year

The City of Houston tax levy grew from $1.2billin to $1.4billion from 2015 through 2021, a 16.2% increase

“Houseton” Annual Rate of Increase – all Indexed to 100 in 2002

Market value and assessed values have been rising steadily for the past 10 years for the City of Houston and comparison cities.

Propety Tax Growth Rate versus Grownth CPI + Population

City of Houson tax levies grew faster as CPI+Inflation.

“Houston” Property Tax Values

City of Houston taxable property market value increased by 70.6% fron 2002 through 2021 and during the same period, the assessed value of City of Houston property increased by 62.8%

Property Tax Protection Program Benefits