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Commercial Deed Report

Commercial deed reports include detailed contact information for the grantor and grantee, and are provided FAST.

  • Most transactions provided within 2 – 3 weeks of recording date
  • Contact data for more than 90% of transactions!
  • Grantor Contact Information (including phone, fax and e-mail if available)
  • Grantee Contact Information (including phone, fax and e-mail if available)
  • Property Address, Key Map and Legal Description
  • County Data (including account number, land size, assessed values, and property type)
  • Foreclosures, In-house and Arms-length Transactions

Dallas/Ft. Worth

Austin / San Antonio

Contact data is available for over 90% of the grantors/grantees, as is illustrated by the following samples for the 11 counties that generally cover the metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio in Texas:

The most current sales are delivered weekly via PDF and all sales for the month are delivered monthly in an Excel spreadsheet.

For further information, contact Enriched Data at 346-571-7075.

Click on an image below to download a sample Commercial Deed Report


Dallas/Ft. Worth

Austin / San Antonio

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