GCAD Single Family Median Sale Price

Property tax assessments are based on the property value on January 1. The median home price for Galveston County sales in January 2023 is $298,900 but the median tax assessment by Galveston Central Appraisal District is $338,290, 13.2% higher than the median January sales price. Tax assessments far higher than median sales prices will generate excess property taxes for Galveston County home owners of $1,064, before tax protests, exemptions, and tax rate compression.

The typical home in Galveston has a 2023 tax assessment 12.5% higher than its market value based on a survey of 7,900 Galveston County home sales from January 2022 to March 2023. Home prices had been steadily increasing at a brisk pace, until May 2022.

Galveston County median home sale prices were $305,000 in January 2022 and crested at a peak of $353,000 in May 2022, fully 15.7% higher than the January 2022 level. However, the unrestrained enthusiasm for continually higher home prices was crushed by higher interest rates which rose from about 3% in early 2022 to 6%+ by year-end. After reaching a peak of $353,000 in May, prices fell 15.3% to $298,900 in January 2023, 2.0% lower than January 2022 median price of $305,000.

GCAD Houses Market Value
81% of Galveston County single-family houses are valued above market value.

GCAD House Metro Single Family Value

The greater Houston metro area recorded an increase of 1.6% from January 2022 to January 2023. Since the Galveston County median home price fell by 2% from January 2022 to January 2023, it would be reasonable to expect tax assessments to fall by 2%. Galveston Central Appraisal District instead raised home tax assessments by 23.8% for 2023, leaving a gap of 25.8% between the 2% decline in value and the 23.8% increase in tax assessments.

The Texas Tax Code (23.01) is clear that tax assessments should have an effective date of January 1 of the tax year. Hence, the tax assessment for tax year 2023 should be the value as of January 1, 2023. However, the gap between the median home sale price of $298,900 in January 2023 and the median 2023 tax assessment of $338,290 illustrate taxes will be substantially too high unless protested.

O’Connor has reviewed sales data and tax assessments for 15 counties to date and 13 counties issued assessed values for homes in excess of market value based on reviewing all sales in the county.

County Median Level of Assessment Median Sales Price (1) Median 2023 Tax Assessment Extra Taxes Due to Over Assessment (2)
Brazoria 111.8% $280,000 $333,830 $1,453
Bexar 104.6% $282,073 $297,325 $412
Collin 101.9% $490,000 $498,759 $236
Dallas 108.8% $305,000 $328,180 $626
Denton 110.2% $420,000 $465,748 $1,235
El paso 107.7% $222,650 $240,038 $469
Fort Bend 108.1% $370,040 $402,442 $875
Galveston 112.5% $298,900 $338,290 $1,064
Guadalupe 99.6% $335,950 $333,390 $(69)
Harris 116.2% $275,008 $322,400 $1,280
Hays 101.3% $432,250 $436,660 $119
Hidalgo 107.4% $200,000 $210,346 $279
Lubbock 97.7% $235,000 $229,814 ($140)
Montgomery 103.5% $321,250 $335,680 $390
Nueces 122.7% $229,500 $282,915 $1,442
Travis 111.8% $500,000 $563,156 $1,705
Webb 101.7% $201,450 $205,688 $114
Williamson 96.7% $428,595 $417,498 ($300)
(1) Time adjusted sale price as of January 2023
(2) Extra taxes based on 2.7% tax rate and before homestead exemption and tax rate compression,

GCAD Single Family Assessment Living Area

Galveston County homeowners with property between 6,000 and 7,999 sq. ft. are facing assessment increases of 34.9% and owners of homes over 8,000 sq. ft. are looking at values up by 35%.

GCAD Single Family Year Built Range

Older homes are casualties of the highest surge in assessment with residential property built before 1960 up by 30.6%.

GCAD Single Family Increase Value Range

Galveston County homeowners of property valued at $1.5M or higher see the steepest assessment increase at 39.6%.

Galveston Central Appraisal District raised assessed value for commercial properties by 20.9%, which is at the lower end of the range compared to most appraisal districts review to date. GCAD raised tax assessments for apartments by 34.5% and for retail by 37.8%. Office tax assessments were increased 5.1% and warehouse values were flat.

GCAD Commercial Property Value Trends
GCAD Commercial Property Type

Retail property and Apartments are among commercial properties with the most staggering elevation in assessments at 37.8% and 34.5% respectively.

Commercial Property 2023 Assessment % Increase by Property Type by County

Property Type
County Apartment Office Retail Warehouse Hotel Total
Brazoria 68.8% 43.7% 75.1% 83.7% 42.7% 65%
Bexar 22.5% 13.9% 26.2% 22.9% 16.9% 21.9%
Collin 45.5% 15.1% 25.2% 28.0% 49.6% 31.7%
Denton 63.0% 28.7% 33.3% 103.4% 63.6% 60.1%
Fort Bend 47.0% 33.2% 35.7% 23.8% 19.3% 31.1%
Galveston 34.5% 5.1% 37.8% 0.6% 20.09
Hidalgo 58.3% 9.6% 18.4% 31.2% 70.6% 25.1%
Lubbock 28.9% 13.7% 28.7% 40.4% 26.3% 23.30%
Nueces 20.1% 15.4% 14.5% 18.9% 26.9% 18.7%
Williamson 37.2% 14.5% 21.8% 49.3% 25.0% 27.3%
Harris 24.5% 12.6% 16.1% 23.8% 18.3% 19.5%
Average 40.9% 18.7% 30.3% 38.7% 35.9% 31.4%

O’Connor expects a record number of protests in Galveston County and most other Texas counties due to the excess assessment of houses and the high level of increase in commercial property assessments.

GCAD Commercial Property Taxable Value

Commercial property in Galveston County valued over $5M is subject to the largest jump in taxable value of any value range with 2023 values up 24.2%.

GCAD Commercial Year Built Range

The highest increase in assessed value for Galveston County commercial property is with property constructed since 2001, up 26.7%.

All Time Texas Record

Not since Texas became a state in 1845 have most appraisal districts substantially over-valued houses. Most appraisal districts for which assessment data is available have over-valued houses by 5% or more, often by 10 to 20% more than market value. Tax rates can compress due to SB 2 passed in 2019. However, home owners WILL BE PAYING MORE THAN THEIR FAIR SHARE UNLESS THEY PROTEST IN 2023. The protest deadline is May 15, 2023.

GCAD Apartment Assessed Value Year Built

Newer apartments in Galveston County are by far the most impacted by 2023 assessment values with a rise of over 58%.

GCAD Office Assessed Value

Galveston County office property owners with property built between 1961 and 1980 are seeing the highest increase among all ranges.

GCAD retail Assessed Value

Retail property owners in Galveston County have sticker shock when viewing their 2023 assessed values that are up by over 100%!

GCAD Warehouse Assessed Value

Galveston County warehouse property with the highest increase in assessed value according to age is property constructed between 1981 and 2000, at 19.2%.

GCAD Office Assessed Value Sub-Type
GCAD Apartment Assessed Value Sub-Type
GCAD Retail Sub Typ Assessed Value

Mall property has a 46.7% increase in assessed value for 2023, which is the greatest increase among all retail property sub types.

GCAD Warehouse Sub-Type Assessed Value

Mini warehouse properties in Galveston County are up 54.2% in assessed value for 2023.

The protest deadline is May 15, 2023. Protest now to be certain you don’t miss the deadline. There are three steps to the appeal process: informal, formal or appraisal review board, and judicial. O’Connor expects record reduction in Galveston County tax assessments for 2023.

If you are a property owner in Galveston County and your assessment has increased, you do not have to accept the new appraisal value, it is your right to appeal. Don’t pay more than your fair share. Record levels of property tax protest are expected to follow. The deadline to file a property tax protest is May 15th.

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