So what is the hearing evidence package?

Many Texas property owners are not aware that you can request the appraisal district’s hearing evidence package
at no cost.

If you request it, they have to give it to you at least 14 days prior to the hearing (Tax Code 41.461).
The appraisal district may not use any information not given to you at least 14 days prior to the hearing
(Tax Code 41.67 (d)). If you protest, the appraisal district must send you the hearing evidence package free
by U.S. Mail.


This includes and particularly applies to the comparable sales
of houses and land near your home. This data is considered
proprietary and can only be provided if you file a property tax
protest. Best practice for managing property taxes is to
appeal annually. Property taxes grow out of control if not
managed, like a garden not cared for.

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