Texas Property Tax Trends documents the massive growth in property tax assessments and property taxes in Texas. Property values increased 54.7% in Texas in just five years; an increase of 10.9% per year. Single family values increased by 64% during the same period, increasing the need for property owners and property tax consultants to appeal these initial “estimated values”.

Total market value reported by Texas appraisal districts in 2018 rose to $3.49 trillion from $2.25 trillion in 2013.

Just 2,222 appraisers value all the real estate in taxes for property taxes! That includes property inspections and valuation models. That works out to $1.5 billion of property valued per appraiser employed at Texas appraisal districts ($3.49 trillion / 2,222)

Counties with the largest amount of market value include:

Harris $574 billion
Dallas 292
Travis 224
Tarrant 195
Bexar 172

Despite Coronavirus, the Texas property tax deadline is May 15th.

How well do you think each appraiser can value $1.5 billion in real estate?

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