In Chippewa County, the biggest property taxpayers include Walmart, a petroleum and natural gas exploration company, a health care system, family-owned footwear and general merchandise company, and a sand mine.

Below are the top 10 property taxpayers of Chippewa County, Wisconsin, with data from the county treasurer’s office, by way of the Chippewa Herald.

  1. EOG Resources

A Fortune 500 company and the successor to the Enron Oil and Gas Company, EOG Resources is the biggest property taxpayer in all of Chippewa County. It is an American-owned petroleum and natural gas exploration firm based in Houston, Texas.

In 2017, EOG Resources paid $728,460.62 in property taxes in Chippewa County. The company owns six parcels of land worth a combined total of $34.3 million. Its most valuable parcel is a frac sand processing plant worth $33.5 million.

  1. Walmart

The second-highest property taxpayer is Walmart. Its Walmart Supercenter, located on Lake Hallie’s Commercial Boulevard, is worth more than $14 million. Walmart paid $251,039.30 on the property.

The multinational retail corporation has 99 retail units in Wisconsin. This includes 83 Supercenters, 4 Discount Stores, 2 Neighborhood Markets, and 10 Sam’s Clubs.

  1. Marshfield Clinic

Marshfield Clinic, which was founded by six local physicians in 1916, is a health care system with hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and facilities in northern, western, and central Wisconsin. Marshfield Clinic paid $231,826.54 in taxes for its six properties, worth a combined $11.9 million, in Chippewa County.

One of these properties, Marshfield Clinic Chippewa Falls Center, is located near St. Joseph’s Hospital. It is a multi-specialty clinic offering care in family medicine and numerous specialities.

  1. Mason Companies

Founded in 1904, Mason Companies has been selling boots and other footwear in Chippewa Valley for over a century. On top of footwear, the family-owned company now also sells apparel and general merchandise online and via mail order catalogs.

In Chippewa County, there are 12 properties owned by Mason Companies. It paid $206,58.09 in taxes for the properties, which are worth a combined $9.7 million.

  1. Phillips Properties

Phillips Properties, a property management company based in Eau Claire, paid $182,257.76 in taxes for properties worth an assessed $8.2 million. The parcels are located on White Avenue, near the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.

  1. WOW Logistics

WOW Logistics is a distribution services company based in Neenah, Wisconsin. Its storage facility in Chippewa Falls sits on land worth $8.5 million, for which the company paid $181,023.56 in taxes.

  1. Adobe Rentals of Chippewa Falls

Adobe Rentals of Chippewa Falls paid $169,754.84 in taxes for the 38 properties it owns in Chippewa County. The properties are worth a combined value of almost $8 million.

  1. Chippewa Sand Company

The Chippewa Sand Company, which has a site near the city of Bloomer, paid $166,996.87 in taxes. Its property is worth $8.6 million.

  1. River Country Co-op

For its 18 properties worth a combined $8.725 million, River Country Co-op paid $156,246.30 in property taxes.

  1. Premium Waters

Premium Waters, a home and office bottled water company, owns 13 properties worth $7.3 million. It paid Chippewa County $155,669.40 in taxes.